The Island (Ark-Cadia The Island PVE)
Our market is located on red obelisk
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Ragnarok (Ark-Cadia Ragnarok PVE)
Our market is located near red obelisk

you can access it via the docks

or there is a bridge which goes over the water

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By joining our servers you agree to follow the below rules, if you break these rules you will be removed from the servers, these rules can be updated at any given moment

#1 No pillaring off whole areas.
Dont block spawns, dont put layers of pillers infront of your base or block an entire area off with structures.
#3 Caves and artifacts
Dont block caves or artifacts
#5 Boss Fights
When doing boss fights, make sure the area is clear of players and tames, especially around red obelisk on the island, anyone deliberately spawning in a boss to kill someone's players or tames will be kicked from the server(yes we have logs for this)
#2 Don't be inappropriate or rude.
This goes for everyone, treat people how you would expect to be treated yourself and don't be rude to staff, they are here to help not to get abused
#4 Dont block drops
Use common sense for this one, you can build near drops but don't block or stop other players from being able to access the drop.
#6 Duping,hacking,ini modifications
Any form of hacking/ini modifications will be an instant ban, Duping you will be given one warning and the items/tames will be destroyed we have automated systems which detect duped items and dino's if you repeat the offense you will be banned!


You can subscribe to our workshop collection (here) to download all the PVE mods, or you can use the list below to find and install them yourself

Super Structures
Paintable Furniture
Eco's RP Decor
Eco's Shoppe Decor
Eco's Tek Decor
Ark Variants: Void-Wyvren
Capitalism NPC Trader
Auction House 3.0.2
Reusable Plus
Castles,Keeps, and forts: Remastered
Eco's Stable Structures and Decor
Additional Lighting
Eco in Wonderland
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2
Capitalism Currency
Capitalism Props Table
Awesome SpyGlass!
Dino Storage v2