The PVP/PVE Experience

Firstly, welcome to Ark-cadia!

We currently have a cluster of modded maps for Ark, Sadly we don't have Genesis just yet as we are waiting until they fix the server instabilities. The maps currently up and running are - The Island and Ragnarok, we will be slowly releasing the others as the days/weeks go on. We have a custom shops in our beautiful custom built market area's on every map for players to buy and sell resources we also have player auction's where you may buy and sell your dino's and gear.

Check Our PVE Servers And Rules


We are in the process of balancing our PVP cluster to give everyone the fun and enjoyment that PVP brings, we want it to be a fast paced environment with the security of not being offline raided, as you can imagine this is complicated task to find a fair and equal balance for all players so we will keep you updated as we progress with our PVP cluster